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A comprehensive guide to medical tourism in Malta


Thinking of travelling to Malta for surgery, dentistry or medical treatment? Treatment in Malta provides a comprehensive resource for the medical tourist, will tell you how to go about it, show you what's available and how much it costs.


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Cosmetic surgery in Malta

Cosmetic surgery - TIM Welcome page - 75x75

Breast enlargement, or reduction, facelifts, liposuction, tummy tucks....




Dentistry in Malta

Dentistry - TIM Welcome page - 75x75

Dental implants, crowns,

tooth whitening, veneers,

cosmetic dentistry...



Obesity surgery in Malta

Obesity surgery - TIM Welcome page - 75x75

Gastric banding, gastric balloon and weight loss treatments...




Fertility treatment in Malta

Infertility treatment - TIM Welcome page - 75x75


egg donation, egg sharing,

sperm retrieval...

Ayurveda Treatment & Medical Spa in Malta


Elective surgery in Malta

Elective surgery 75x75 - TIT Welcome page - Treatment in Turkey

Hernia repair, spine surgery, heart bypass surgery...


Orthopaedic surgery in Malta

Orthopaedic surgery - TIM Welcome page - 75x75

Hip and knee replacement, spine surgery, hand and wrist surgery...


Eye Surgery in Malta

Eye Surgery Malta

Cataract Surgery, and other surgical interventions such as Trabeculectomy, Corneal grafts ...


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We provide an enquiry service for people interested in health services and treatment in Malta, including surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry.

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Featured healthcare services

If you want to know more about the healthcare services in Malta, take a look at our featured hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers.

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